What Is a Plumbing Inspector?

A plumbing inspector is a professional that specializes in performing inspections of various systems in order to confirm they are safe, up to code, and installed by licensed professionals. The government is generally the largest employer of these inspectors, with some hiring full-time inspectors, while others will contract this out to licensed inspectors as and when needed. In order to work as an inspector, one needs to be a qualified and licensed plumber, with additional certification allowing them to work in this field.

On new construction jobs, the inspector will examine systems and appliances as they are installed to make sure they are legal. They will also check the likes of fixtures, lines, traps, vents, and faucets. They can also ask for proof the plumbers doing the work are in fact licensed and they are current. Some inspectors specialize in residential or commercial systems, while others will inspect both. When an installation fails its inspection, the builder will then be cited, and any problems need to be rectified.

If any extensive renovations are done on a plumbing system, the inspector will be sent to confirm they are safe and within the code. This is extremely important when homeowners are retrofitting vintage systems, as mistakes can be both expensive and dangerous when people are replacing complete systems. Inspectors are often called in when a problem with a system has developed, as when the water company suspects a restaurant is flushing grease into the sewer.

For plumbers that do not want to do field work, they can find work as a plans examiner. These professionals look at proposed layouts and plans and determine if they will comply with local codes. Getting plans passed is an important part of the process when applying for a building permit. When systems are inspected, the inspector will often consult the plans in order to determine if the actual system is in line with the proposed plans, and they will need an explanation should there be any variation, if you would like to speak to one of our representatives please call Eugene Crompton Plumbing Co. in Burlington, NC today on (336) 227-3412.