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Plumbing systems just like all property features require frequent and diligent maintenance in order to function properly. The older pipes get, the more vulnerable they are to various malfunctions. This is why it is of paramount importance that you don’t neglect your plumbing system and take good care of it because water damage can be quite devastating. The easiest way to handle this task is to delegate it to us from Eugene Crompton Plumbing Co.. We are licensed plumbers and we have been in business for over forty years. We have been serving the Burlington, NC community for so long that today we are considered to be a local landmark.


Full and Comprehensive Assistance


We provide the entire gamut of plumbing services. We can replace leaking pipes, conduct aPlumbing in Burlington, NC thorough examination of your plumbing system, install new tubes or unblock a clogged sink, toilet or bathtub because we have the tools and experience to carry out all these jobs with flying colors. At Eugene Crompton Plumbing Co., we always invest in the best equipment because we firmly believe that a company is only as good as its technical capacity. Therefore, you can rest assured that your plumbing project will be executed with the aid of the finest tools and machines.


Fair Prices, Interesting Discounts


Our prices are the most reasonable in Burlington, NC. They will not only give you the best value for your money but also won’t put a dent in your monthly budget. We can accommodate budgets of any size. Our cost-effective rates are calculated in dependence of the unique parameters of each job. Take into account that you can benefit from our plumbing services at any time of the day, as we maintain 24/7  emergency assistance.

The booking of our plumbing services is easy and straightforward. You just have to dial (336) 227-3412 and tell us when and where you need us. Stop wasting valuable time and contact us today in order to ensure that your pipes are in proper condition.