What Are the Different Kinds of Plumbing Repair?

There are 3 kinds of plumbing repairs which can occur with a system, these are leak repair, the working parts of a plumbing fixture repair, and the clearing of a blockage within a drainage system. Leaks can happen anywhere within a system for various reasons. Mechanical malfunctions happen when valves don’t work correctly and are shown by water leaking. Clogs happen within a drainage side of a system and are apparent when water cannot drain properly.

Many systems have a supply side that brings water in from a central hub, and a drainage side that drains used water, in addition to any waste. When pipes are connected, the joints will be secured using numerous different methods, like compression, soldering, or solvent welding. When something goes wrong with this, homeowners must bring in a professional plumber to sort it out immediately, and all water usage must cease.

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